Unwind in the liberating space.

Unwind in the liberating space.

Upon opening the door and stepping into Ieno House, you will be taken in by the unusual design of the space.   Walking through the passage to reach the tiny courtyard, you will still muse upon the wonder of the structure.  Inevitably called to the upper floor, you will open the inner window of the main bedroom to reveal the origin of this inn’s name.

As Ieno House means “the house with a house,” a cabin-like structure is nested inside the main bedroom.  Pillars and beams with the patina of age accentuate the ample space, creating modern harmony.  This unique design makes guests feel liberated while enticing them to explore the finer details of this lodge more closely.  Travelers take a journey as their heart dictates; accommodations need not follow the conventional style.

Ieno House symbolizes this unrestrictive spirit.

The main bedroom. The two double-size bed mattresses are custom-made by Simmons for Ieno House. We promise you a peaceful sleep.
The Japanese-style tatami room. This room can be used as an extra bedroom for a group of three or more. The storage space is decorated with lacquered Japanese paper, providing our guests a glimpse of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.
The living room on the first floor is spacious enough even for a large group.
Kitchen with a bar counter lies in the center of the living room. Cooking utensils are available for simple cooking during your stay.
The open-air bath in the garden. The bath tub was specially made by Hiromichi Takahashi, a ceramic artist in Yamagata Prefecture.
The shampoo, treatment, and body soap at Ieno House are made from organic, plant-based ingredients. All the towels are made in Imabari, where it is recognized as the mecca of high quality towels in Japan.

Facility Information

General information
Check-in:3pm to 8pm
Check out:10am

[Number of guests]
Up to 6 people

[How to check-in]
Please check-in at the accommodation.
For details, please refer to the email that you receive after your reservation is confirmed.
Please note that we are required by the city of Kyoto to make a copy of your passport.

Not allowed.

Children are welcome.

[Breakfast and Dinner]
For those who wish, we offer bread or Japanese food for breakfast,and Japanese food with plenty of seasonal ingredients for dinner.
・Breakfast 3,600Yen per person including tax.
・Dinner 6,200Yen Per person including tax.
Reservations are available for 2 persons or more. Please confirm your reservation no later than 3 days before your arrival.
Entrance door equipped with a smart lock

[Living/dining room]
Coffee table, sofa, 2 chairs, air conditioner, floor heater, heater(winter season)

Sink, induction cooktop, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, electric kettle, coffee brewer, coffee grinder, cookware, plates, glasses, mugs, cutleries, knife, sommelier knife, bread knife, sponge, dish detergent, dishcloth, trash can, kitchen counter, 4 counter chairs

Chair, table

Sink, towel rack, laundry basket, glass, hair dryer, mirror, washer/dryer, laundry detergent

[Shower room]
Shower booth, bathtub (open-air bath)

[Main bedroom]
2 double-size beds, side table, safe, air conditioner, humidifier

[Japanese tatami room]
Up to 4 futons, air conditioner

[Second floor bathroom]
Sink, paper towel

Free Wi-Fi, Bluetooth speaker, sleep wear, clothes iron set, clothes hangers, clothes brush, blanket, nightgown (winter season), shoehorn
Bottled water, coffee beans, tea bags

Bath towels, face towels, hand soap, toothbrush, hair brush, body sponge, razor, cotton swabs, cotton, hair tie, slippers

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, bath salt



49-1 Fukudenjicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

[Access by taxi]
Please show the following text to the driver; they will take you to the nearest drop-off point:
五条高倉上ル 万寿寺通を通り越して1筋目

[Access by train]
5-minute walk from Gojo Station on the Karasuma Subway Line.
20-minute walk from JR Kyoto Station.

[Access by bus]
Take the bus route #5 or #80.
Ieno House is about 3-minute walk from Gojo Takakura bus station.

Booking with us

To make a reservation, please book through the reservation page.
Your reservation will be confirmed after your online payment.
We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express,Discover, and Diners Club.
If you have any questions regarding payment methods, please contact us by email.
We will send you an email about your reservation after we confirm your payment.
We will provide you with access information and check-in details.
Cancellations after a reservation has been made will incur a cancellation fee.
To cancel your reservation, please send us an email with your reservation details or please cancel your reservation on your reservation site.
We may ask credit card information in some case.
Cancellation fees will be charged from the time of booking.

No-show 100%
Accommodation date to seven days prior to the accommodation date 100%
Eight days prior to the accommodation 50%
After reservation made 50%