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Kyoto House きょうの家

Kyoto House きょうの家
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Hello again,


Savor the serenity of Kyoto.

Most cultures have multiple facets, especially the ordinary and the extraordinary.  Kyoto, Japan’s ever-changing ancient capital, boasts hundreds of dazzling heritage sites, attracting tourists from across the world. Meanwhile, the city also holds a simple charm observable in its daily scenes, as Kyoto has embraced the day-to-day life of its residents for over a thousand years.

Our traditional wooden townhouses, called machiya in Japanese, are scattered across Kyoto.  Some are close to the city center, others are situated in quieter districts.  Either way, we ensure that every location offers an enchanting gateway through which you can catch a glimpse of Kyoto’s daily charms.

Inviting guests to experience the fascinating city of Kyoto, our concierges provide helpful information about their stay in a machiya townhouse, its architectural characteristics and cultural background as well as fine shops and restaurants in each neighborhood.

Away from bustling tourist spots, savor every moment of serenity and comfort in our Kyoto House inns, as if you were a resident here in Kyoto.