Rejoice in the rustic beauty.

Rejoice in the rustic beauty.

“Sabi” is an aesthetic sense of Japanese culture, probably better known as part of the concept, wabi-sabi.  The characteristic of this concept can be expressed as “rustic beauty” in English.  The concept of “sabi” places a high value on the richness and charm resulting from the aging process.  The tarnished galvanized sheets on Sabino House’s exterior walls, the aged ceiling beam, and the rustic steel covered with mill scale—all of which are the embodiment of this aesthetic value.

Relax in this space - embellished with these components seasoned by the gift of time - and feast your eyes on the vista of rustling maple leaves.

By cherishing these moments Sabino House offers, you will be able to savor this rustic charm.

There is one king-size bed in the main bedroom. Soft light penetrates from the window on the pillow side, ensuring a pleasant morning.
You can use the Japanese-style room freely. You can read books or work while watching a maple swaying in the wind. If you lay out a futon, it can accommodate up to three more people.
A living room with a counter kitchen. It's a perfect place to have a meal and chat over coffee.
A kitchen with an IH heater where you can cook for yourself. The kitchen is large enough to show your cooking skills with local ingredients.
The house is fully equipped with microwave oven, refrigerator, electric kettle, espresso machine, tableware and cutlery. You can stay comfortably even if you stay for several nights.
The house is equipped with a large-capacity washing and drying machine. Complementary aundry detergent and softner are also available.
The amenities are by Leaf & Botanics. Guests will enjoy soothing fragrance emitted from 100% plant-based natural essential oils.
All the towels at Sabino House are made in Imabari.
The back of the Sabino House: it is as if a forest is overflowing from the inside. Combined with the look of the galvanized sheet iron on the outside, it has a more rustic look.
Enjoy freshly baked bread, seasonal soup, and fresh salad for breakfast, curated from bakeries in Kyoto. Reservation required.

Facility Information

General information
Check-in:3pm to 8pm
Check out:10am

[Number of guests]
Up to 5 people

[How to check-in]
Please check-in at the accommodation.
For details, please refer to the email that you receive after your reservation is confirmed.
Please note that we are required by the city of Kyoto to make a copy of your passport.

Children are welcome.

[Breakfast and Dinner]
For those who wish, we offer bread or Japanese food for breakfast,and Japanese food with plenty of seasonal ingredients for dinner.
・Breakfast 3,600Yen per person including tax.
・Dinner 6,200Yen Per person including tax.
Reservations are available for 2 persons or more. Please confirm your reservation no later than 3 days before your arrival.
Entrance door equipped with a smart lock

Sink, induction cooktop, refrigerator, freezer, microwave toaster oven combo, electric kettle, espresso machine, cookware, plates, glasses, mugs, cutleries, sommelier knife, paring knife, sponge, dish detergent, dishcloth, trash can, counter table, 5 chairs, air conditioner

Sink, mirror, laundry basket, glass, hair dryer, mirror, washer/dryer, laundry detergent

[Shower room]
Shower booth, bathtub

[Main bedroom]
1 king-size bed, safe, air conditioner, humidifier

[Japanese tatami room]
Up to 3 Futons, air conditioner, TV, cushion

Free Wi-Fi, sleepwear, clothes iron, clothes hangers, blanket, nightgown (winter season), shoehorn
Bottled water, espresso capsules, tea bag

Slippers, bath towels, face towels, hand soap, toothbrush, hair brush, body sponge, razor, cotton swabs, cotton, hair tie

[Shower room]
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap



150-3 Yakuencho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

[Access by taxi]
Please show the following text to the driver; they will take you to the street where Sabino House is located:
花屋町壬生川西入ル 島原大門前

[Access by train]
7-minute walk from Tambaguchi Station on the JR San'in Main Line.

[Access by bus]
Take the bus on route 32, 205, 208
Get off at "Shichijo Mibugawa bus stop" and walk for 5 minutes.
Take the bus on route 206, 207
Get off at "Shimabaraguchi" and walk for 5 minutes.

Booking with us

To make a reservation, please book through the reservation page.
Your reservation will be confirmed after your online payment.
We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express,Discover, and Diners Club.
If you have any questions regarding payment methods, please contact us by email.
We will send you an email about your reservation after we confirm your payment.
We will provide you with access information and check-in details.
Cancellations after a reservation has been made will incur a cancellation fee.
To cancel your reservation, please send us an email with your reservation details or please cancel your reservation on your reservation site.
We may ask credit card information in some case.
Cancellation fees will be charged from the time of booking.

No-show 100%
Accommodation date to seven days prior to the accommodation date 100%
Eight days prior to the accommodation 50%
After reservation made 50%